Ball Hammock Underwear

Bringing Ball Hammock Underwear to Australia

At Smuggs we’re proud to be making it easier than ever to get hold of a pair of ball hammock underwear in Australia. Also known as ball pouch or ball pocket underwear, this style of undie design includes an internal pocket for your crown jewels to keep them separated from your thighs and make chafing a thing of the past. Once you experience the magic of the ball support pouch for the first time, you’ll find it impossible to go back to traditional boxer short designs.

The Best Men’s Underwear to Prevent Chafing

Smuggs is also unique in that all of our designs are long-leg - because what’s the point in eliminating ball chafing only to end up with your inner thighs chafed raw? We tried every design of anti-chafing underwear on the Australian market and found this combination of long-leg design and an internal ball hammock was the only combination that successfully eliminated chafing in all areas. We landed on bamboo as the perfect material because it’s smooth as silk, highly breathable and has inherent moisture-wicking properties that make it ideal for underwear that needs to sustain high activity levels - and it’s also highly sustainable itself.

US brands like Shinesty have been slinging ball hammocks for years, but ordering them to Australia takes forever and costs a fortune in shipping. (Not to mention, their undies are made from modal material, not sustainable bamboo like Smuggs).

Ball Pouch Boxer Briefs - Solving Chafing for Good

Most guys are toughing it out, going through their days dealing with chafing because they don’t even know ball pouch underwear is a thing. We believe getting your first pair of ball pocket boxers will soon become a rite of passage, a part of entering manhood in Australian culture.

In fact, we have a not-so-secret mission to have an impact on lad culture - you may have noticed by now that all our marketing material closely resembles banter between good friends. We’re just lads like you, and we want to make use of the Smuggs brand not only to spread the word about the magic of ball pouch boxers but also to normalise open and honest conversations about men’s health, both physical and mental. Ball pouch undies are an inherently fun and funny topic and we intend to turn them into a gateway to talking about all the important things that normally make us blush.

Fast-Shipping Ball Pouch Underwear in Australia

The biggest problem with getting access to good quality ball pouch underwear in Australia is the shipping times. Our hammock pouch undies ship from Melbourne and we can usually get them to you within two days of your order being placed. No more waiting weeks to get your hands on a pair of ball hammock boxer briefs and give the family jewels the proper care and protection they deserve.