Anti-Chafing Bamboo Underwear in Australia - LAUNCHING SOON

It's like sending your balls to heaven. Keep the crown jewels safe and happy with ultra-comfy, no-chafe bamboo underwear - sustainably and ethically made, with designs that'll have the girls going "oooh yeah I'd like to get into those undies!" (Maybe. Probably. Okay probably not for that last part. The other stuff is true though.)

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    It's alright mate. We're all friends here. No need to grit your teeth and put up with ball-chafe a minute longer. Being out of action because your inner thighs and sack are rubbed raw is about to be a thing of the past. Smuggs is men's underwear the way God intended. You think when your great great great great great grandfather fashioned the first pair of undies out of a lion skin that they didn't think to include a ball pocket?! What we're saying is they're like paleo undies. Or keto undies. Whatever the thing is now.

    Look just buying the f***ing undies, thank me later.